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chiropractor in columbia mo elevating lives chiropractic and ADD ADHD sensory

Dr. Aaron had developed an online program to help those with sensory-integration challenges/neurodevelopmental conditions. Our drug-free, natural approach helps these individuals through chiropractic adjustments, primitive reflex therapy, and nutritional testing/counseling.

Who is eligible for the Elevating KIDS Program?

Those with the following or similar conditions:

    Anything along the autism spectrum
    Sensory Processing Disorder, sensory issues/sensitivities
    ADHD, learning disabilities
    Undiagnosed problems with hyperactivity, inattention, or an unexplained lack of productivity


No diagnosis is needed.


What is primitive reflex therapy?

Our primitive reflex therapy approach is primarily evaluated, integrated, and monitored through working with the primitive reflexes. The primitive reflexes are an outward expression of proper neurological wiring. We know that our senses are directly connected with each reflex and when properly integrated, the brain/body connection is then able to adapt porperly to the given environment.


How is primitive reflex therapy different than occupational or physical therapy?

Primitive reflex therapy looks directly at the underlying neurological cause of the child's behavior or ability to cope with their surroundings. When we are able to help improve proper neurological function, additional therapies such as occupational, speech, language, behavior, visual and physical therapy given to the individual will be that much more effective.


Does primitive reflex therapy replace behavior therapies like ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)?

No - primitive reflex therapy does not replace behavior therapies or any other therapies such as speech & language, occupational, etc.  In fact, if an individual is receiving such therapies, primitive reflex therapy will inhance their ability to succeed in those therapies. primitive reflex therapy supports the connection/communication between the body and brain and helps the sensory input to that individual and be able to have an equal and appropriate response/behavior.


How is a doctor of chiropractic's approach differ from that of a medical doctor's approach?

A chiropractic physician looks at the root cause of any condition/challenge the individual is facing. No one knows exactly what your body needs from one second to the next, but your individual body does. Chiropractors know that the nervous system carries that knowledge and life force that brings life and healing to every individual. Chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals that are trained in the detection, correction, and elimination of nervous system interferences. These interferences are called subluxations and they can prevent individuals from reaching their full health potential. Chiropractors treat these subluxations so the body can then begin to heal.


*Our program is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure neurodevelopmental disorders; including that of autism.  The focus of our program is to naturally support the neuroimmune, neurogastric, neuromuscular, and neurobiomechanical systems to allow maximum innate human expression. Individuals presenting with neurodevelopmental disorders are known to have one or more of these systems operating at some level of dysfunction.